Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A wedding to remember...

March 5, 2011!
Tyler was recently in a wedding for two amazing people! We love them so much and it was a honor to be part of their big day! Rikki and Glen Rickels tied the knot! The weekend was very crazy for Tyler and I but we had a wonderful time and we would do it all over again for these two.

Glen and Rikki are more than perfect for each other. Rikki is spontaneous, full of life and extremely funny! She sure does know how to have a great time and you can't help but smile and laugh when you are around her! She takes great care of the people she loves and is always proud to have her friends by her side. Glen has been a wonderful friend of Tyler's for years. He can be very funny as well. You can tell how much he loves Rikki through his actions. He cares a lot for his friends and would do anything for them. He has amazing parents and a wonderful sister. These are two people we will be friends with for a life time. We both look forward to seeing them again!!

The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal dinner was fabulous! It was held at Crawdad's in Merigold, MS. The weather was cold and wet but Rikki and Glen did not seem to mind and kept every in very good spirits. It was great to visit with friends that we otherwise do not get to see often.

Suzanne and Tara! Wonderful ladies!!!

Suzanne and Adam.

Tara and Adam

Tyler and Glenn

The happy couple at the end of the rehearsal dinner. We had tons of fun Friday night and we were all looking forward to the next day...

The Wedding!

The day of the wedding, the weather was horrible! It rained and rained but the show must go on. Rikki and Glen moved the wedding to the back porch of her parents house instead of in the yard. There were so many loved ones there you could not hardly see. We all stood around the porch and were eager to hear the vows. When I saw Rikki walk out I wanted to cry with excitement. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!! I don't have any pictures of the wedding but wish I did. The wedding was very simple and all about their love for each other. It was magnificent!

The Reception!

The reception was held at the Hopson Plantation in Clarskdale, MS. It was very relaxed with some amazing food! The band was great and if I ever have a party with a band I will have them. Do not know the name but I will find out.

I know not a great photo but she was so pretty. One of the prettiest brides I have ever seen!!!!

Bridget and Kimberly

Krista and Bond... Newly weds themselves

First dance. So Sweet and perfect!

Rikki made these cute face things. They were on the tables. So fun to play with.

On the way home. Cole got bored about 30 minutes before we were at the house. I handed him a roll of paper towels and this is what happened.

What a wonderful weekend and thank you to Rikki and Glen for letting us celebrate a wonderful new chapter in your life!

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