Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birth of a Beautiful baby!

Born: March 9, 2011
7lbs 7oz
19 3/4 in long

I am an aunt to 2 now. My sister's second born came into the world on March 9, 2011! He is beautiful and is so well behaved already. He eats and sleeps... nothing else. I have not heard him cry yet!

I picked Zadie up from the sitter and she is obsessed with her umbrella. She broke her Dora one so she has Spiderman now! It is not even raining outside but the umbrella was up. I asked her to smile and she said NO!

On the way to the hospital... I asked Zadie where Mommy was.. her response.. at work. I told her mommy was having a baby and she said a baby elephant? Then she told Tyler mommy was having a baby monkey and started making monkey sounds. She is one cute character. She has a very vivid imagination!

Blake came to see the baby too! But all the boys wanted to do were eat cheese balls! These 2 are some kind of a pair. They love each other. I hope they grow up to be best friends with sleep overs, camping and hunting trips!

And finally baby Peyton! He is so cute. He was already sucking his thumb and very alert the entire time we were there. Never cried though.. just let everyone pass him around.

Blake and Big Granny looking at the baby.

Natalie and Big Granny. I think Natalie was the only child that cared anything about seeing baby Peyton. Natalie is so sweet and has the biggest heart for a 5 year old!

Blake saying hello!

There will be plenty of more post of Peyton this year I am sure. We love cousins!!!

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  1. Wow, Cole looks so grown up in those pictures. And Peyton is a cutie!