Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sites I love to share

I hope the people I am sharing about do not mind. Here are a 2 blogs that I have been reading and praying hard over lately. They are very different from one another but they both need prayers. I have several blogs I read and I love to pray for them all but these two have been on my heart and mind lately.

Most of you have heard of Lucy and her battle with cancer. She just turned 5. I love to read her mom's word and see how encouraged she is even though she is facing such a tough battle. She needs prayers of support and Lucy needs prayer for strength and love. She has a long tough battle ahead of her and she needs your prayer. Here is here Go Lucy Go

I know several people going through the adoption process and they all need prayers but there is one I want to share with you today. My friend Holly (who I knew as a young child but have not seen in years) and her family have already adopted one beautiful son from Russia and are now being called to adopt twins from Africa. Please read her blog and pray with them.

I came across this site and found it very cool and helpful. It is full of coupons, free stuff and more. Check it out. It is updated several times a day.

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