Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve Morning

We have always done Christmas with my Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve late after our big family get together. We tried this last year but with the kids being so little it was way to much in one night. SO this year we decided to do Christmas morning. We came over in comfortable clothing (PJS) and just hung out. We had breakfast and talked and it was great. So Relaxing and not rushed at all. After breakfast, my Brother-in-law had to attend a funeral so we let the littles play until he returned. They love my mom's new play room. It was nice to sit and watch them play together.
Donut anyone?

Dress up time

my Dad's old drum set

After Joe returned from the funeral it was present time. I helped Zadie pass out the presents. She finally got the hang of every pink gift was hers. I would say whose is this and she repsond Zadie's. It was so cute. Cole did not have a clue or interest in any gifts. The first gift Zadie opened was her train set and that is all Cole wanted to play with. Even after I opened his train set he still just wanted the train and did not care about anything else.

We had an amazing morning over at my parents. We returned home to let Cole nap, put away some Christmas gifts and put in the new dishwasher my parents gave us. You know you are old when you are thankful for an appliance. Our dishwasher stopped working about 2 months ago. So this was a wonderful gift.

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  1. Oh man, no dishwasher for 2 months?? I would have been thrilled with that gift if I were you, too!