Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Village

My mom took Cole, me, Zadie, Rachel, Kim and Jaylen to the Christmas Village at the Agricenter. Kim is an old friend of my sisters who might as well be my sister too. She is amazing and we love her so much. She is part of the family. She had Jaylen about 6 months ago (I think.. I am not good with remember that stuff). Kim moved to LA about 4 or 5 years ago for her husbands job... she recently moved back on Thanksgiving. She surprised us all and just showed up at our door! We love her and her family! So glad she is back!

Now about the Christmas Village... This the fist year for this Christmas event. It is wonderful for the kids. I hope next year it is bigger though. But at least there were not any crowds. When you first walked in, you walk through Christmas lights to music. I did not think we were going to get Cole out of there. He is a dancing machine! Zadie took off running and did not stop until she got to the animals and rides.

Next we looked at the animals. You could feed them but they were already all in your face so we just watched them. Cole was amazed by them. Zadie did not care so much. She wanted to ride rides and Jaylen poor thing was scared by them.
Off to the rides. I did not think Cole would ride any or if he would be tall enough but I could not keep him off the rides. Every time I took him off a ride he cried and kicked his legs. He loved them all. They only had about 4 rides but they were all small rides for the young ones. It was great for Cole and Zadie's age. There were some rides they could not do alone because of height.
We rode the horses as well. Cole "jumped" off the house in the middle of the ride and then wanted back on another one. He just wanted to test them all out. Zadie thought it would be fun to ride with no hands.
Lastly Santa! We have tried 3 times to see Santa. The first time Cole cried. The second time we sat him on Santa's lap with Zadie and he still cried. This last time he was great.... no smile but great!

A little story behind this Santa. We thought Zadie would go straight to him. Why you ask... well he is one of her babysitters. Not many children can say Santa babysits me. She would not go! It took about 10 minutes to get her up there. But as soon as the cameras were gone she loved on him and gave him kisses. This is the best picture out of them all. Little Stinker!

As you can see, we had a great day at he Christmas Village. We will be going back next year for sure. It is great for little ones. Spending time with family is so much fun esp. during the Holidays.

This is 1 late Christmas post of many.... get ready!

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  1. I was wondering if the Christmas Village was going to be good! and your sister look SO MUCH alike! wow!