Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still updating.... Christmas Eve!

I know I am still updating my Christmas pictures and stories. I will get done soon I promise! After have Christmas breakfast at my mom and dad's house, we had Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family at my house. We have a great time all the families together eating and celebrating Christmas.

All the kiddos together. This was one of many pictures we had to take. Love them all!

Look who showed up! SANTA! We hired Santa to come over. When we were young my grandparents had Santa come over ever year. So I thought it would be a great tradition to start again. Everyone was surprised. We only told my sister and her husband and my Big Granny. No one else knew. It was so much fun seeing all their faces.
He read to all the kids... "The night before Christmas" This Santa was amazing and if you ever need one just let me know. I would recommend him to everyone! He will be coming back next year.
Santa stayed for about 45 minutes and did pictures and handout books we bought each child and talked with everyone. This was a great highlight to our night. The older girls kept saying "I can't believe Santa came to see us."

Next up present time. This year each child was paired with another child to buy a gift for them. We matched them up by age. It was fun to see the children open their gifts.

After the children opened their gifts, the adults did dirty santa. the gift could be bad or good. We had a great time. Most of us received gift cards or household things. Lulu got Pjs with a booty flap.
After the night was over and all the families went home to tuck their little ones in bed, we opened our family gifts. We got Cole about 3 things. He was still trying to get the hang of opening gifts.We put Cole to bed after he opened his gifts. It was about 10:3o then. Late for that baby. Tyler and I opened our gifts from each other. Tyler always knows what he is getting ever year but this year I surprised him. He wanted an Xbox and I broke down and got him one. I had to hide it in my closet so he would not know. Tyler is good at shaking a box and telling you what it is.

I got my sunglasses I have been wanting.

We had a great night celebrating with family and seeing all the kids have a great time. Counting all the blessing we have had this year. One wonderful way to celebrate our Lord.

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