Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life is flying by!!!!!

So life has gotten away from us lately. I do not even remember the last time I blogged or what I blogged about. I have not talked to friends or emailed or anything. February was such a crazy month for us that we have not had a moment to think. Cole was blessed to have the stomach virus twice, once lasting for 7 days. Then Cole learned to share with us... Yes Tyler and I were both sick with the stomach virus the same day.

Then our pediatrician did not listen to anything we said about Cole and his reflux and just kept telling us he would grow out of it. She was coming up with such crazy things. We finally found Cole a new doctor and he is such a happier baby with the new formula and new medicine. Totally different child!!!!

Cole turned Four months on the 23rd! He loves to play and tries to sit up all the time. He laughs and makes tons of noises. He weighs 14lbs 14oz and is 25 1/2 inches tall. He started cereal and he really has just now started to like it. He does not spit up really anymore since we switched to Prevacid and Enfamil A.R. formula.

Here are a few pics from Feb. and hopefully we will be able to blog more now that things are settling down.
Not really liking his first time with cereal! We are much better at it these days though!
Our Valentine's card from Cole's girlfriend Olivia! He loved the card even tried to taste it.