Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heavy heart but blessed as well!

Today has been a great day but filled with some sad news. I have been keeping up with a little girls blog named Layla grace ( and her struggle with cancer. She is passed away this morning at the age of 2. Her story and life have become something I could not stop reading about. I was introduced to her story through a friend of mine Emily Horn who is doing a fundraiser for her. She is painting crosses to help pay for medical expenses! (See pic above) I learned a lot from Layla's mom. Many of her blog post brought tears to my eyes but one stood out in particular. She wrote about how she always could not wait for the minutes when the girls would take naps and she could get things done or the house would be quite for a moment. Now she dreams that she could take it all back and have the loud moments all the time and enjoy every waking minute. I vow to this day forward I will cherish every waking minute with Cole and look forward not to the sleeping quite moments but the next fun thing we get to do together. Layla's story has inspired me as not only a person but a mother. Her parents and sisters have a long healing process but the way they have expressed their faith and understanding through this whole process amazes me.

Layla is not the only sad news of the day. A wonderful former co-worker and friend passed away today. She has been battling illness for a few weeks now and the Lord decided it was time. She leaves behind two children that need tons of prayers. I know that she is in a much better place. Layla's mother reminds us in her blog of God's word.... they will arrive in heaven greeted with the words Your work is done my good and faithful servent. They will be forever healed and given their heavenly body. They will all be waiting for us the day we arrive through the pearly gates.

For all this I feel blessed. Blessed to have a wonderful family, great friends and beautiful healthy child. I am blessed God gave me a supportive husband. I am blessed to open my eyes everyday and see the things God has proved for me. I am blessed that I have the Lord by my side and my faith to help me through troubled times. I am blessed for every moment Cole looks at me, chats, smiles, accomplishes something new and even when he cries. I AM JUST BLESSED! God has a hand in it all!

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  1. very touching and true holly...i too have been reading of layla,very sad story.