Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First day with boys

SOOOO!!! What to say about the first day of school with all 19 of my boys! I will say this to start, this will be a very stay on your toes type of year!

Every year I get up a little early for the first day of school to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I arrived at school, placed the color sheets and name tags out and prepared myself for the arrival of the boys and their parents armed with supplies and cameras.

Since we have a new building this year, we had a small ribbon cutting ceremony at the front door and then the boys were loose. All of PK, JK and SK. Parent running behind them to catch up and show them where their rooms are.

So we were prepared for the parents and the tears (thank goodness there were none) and the bags of supplies.

We were not prepared for the chattiest class in SK or at least it seemed that way. I know the boys were very excited for the new playground, building and seeing all their friends again but whew!

A couple of silly stories maybe only teachers would appreciate.
1. We had a boy go into another room just to say hello to everyone.
2. Another boy who just does not like coloring and drawing
3. And apparently one that does not like orange colored balloons so much he will cry.

Over all I have to say I am still looking forward to this school year and the challenges it will bring. The boys will soon settle in and we will be on routine. I believe Carolyn and I might be tired for the next couple of weeks but these boys are blessings. I could not work at a better school and I can't say enough about my co workers!

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