Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School

Well, the first week of school is over. Or should I see the first few days of inservice. I was so excited to get into the new building and start unpacking my classroom. I knew this was going to be a challenge but Carolyn and I could handle it. We walked in Tuesady morning feeling a little overwhelemed and not know where to start and now we are not know what else we can do. We put our room together so fast. We make a good team! I hope this is a good indicator for the year.

There has been a few things that have bothered my nerves this week but I am learning to let things go and do not take anything to personal but sometimes it helps to put it all out there. This week has been a trying week for my nerves and emotions. I guess my hormones had to hit at sometime. So I am going to vent quickly and then share my new outlook on how to deal. So if you do not want to hear the griping scroll down and I hope not to offend anyone!

SO FIRSTLY! The dog! I love my Molly and would not trade her for the world but what is with the dog hair lately. It is everywhere. I cannot vacuum enough or brush her often enough to keep her from shedding on everything. Oh what can I do!!!

SECONDLY! Why do people feel that when you get pregnant they have the right to ask you any personal question they want. It is no ones business how much money I make, how much I will be paying for childcare, for that matter where I am taking my child and why, how often I go to the bathroom, how much weight I have gained, and what size clothes I wear. What does it matter. As long as I am happy and my family is being taken care of, there should be no question. I would not ask you any of these questions on a daily basis so why are you asking me.

THIRDLY! Sometimes people just do not know that what they say can effect people. I mean why would you tell a pregnant woman a story about miscarriage. WHAT!!! Just because I was standing on the bottom of a step ladder to hang a bullentin board or unpacking some boxes not picking them up!. If I thought my baby was at risk do you really think I would be doing it!! NO!!! I know people are just concerned for me and want the best for me and the baby but there is a way of doing it and a way of freaking people out and making them very uncomfortable! And if you are going to tell me not to do something, well then help me and not just walk away because someone has to do it!!!

LASTLY! To my husband and he knows this all so this is no surprise but if I am hungry I am hungry! I do not care if we ate 2 hours ago. If I want it, I am going to eat it! I can't seem to get enough chocolate which everyone who knows me closely know I usually do not EVER eat chocolate. SO Tyler I will eat when ever I feel the nerve! I love you but you should get on my feeding schedule!!


Why let things bother you that you have no control over. LET IT ALL GO!!!!!!

Sorry for the rant and with the new philosophy I am determined to not have any more!!!

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  1. I totally understand! Some of the questions and comments just blow my mind. I know that people are just trying to be nice and look out for me, but the weight question always gets to me! Come vent whenever you want...look at all the exercise we will get walking back and forth : )