Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cole's room

Tyler and I have been working hard lately on Cole's room. We still have a few things to do but for the most part we have done enough for you to get the idea through pictures. I wanted to try and have everything in place or on order before school starts back. I know with going back to work this week my time will be consumed with PDS.

We decorated the room in blue, green, yellow and brown. His bedding has little lambs on it but we mainly took the colors from his bedding and used them to decorate the room.

This is what you see when entering the door.

We finally put the frames up I painted. When Cole comes along we would like to put black and white photos in the frames. The silver frame will have his foot print and his hand print. His changing pad will be placed on top of the dress in the big blank spot.

My mother-in-law (who is wonderful) bought this rocking chair for me. It is exactly what I wanted and she did not even know. She picked it out and surprised us!!!

The wall decal that took forever to put up but well worth it. Three of the branches will eventually have small shelves on them to hold nik-naks and things. That project is on hold until we have more time.

Cole's crib. I made some name tiles to go above his bed but I have not put them up yet. I cannot decide if I like them.

That is it for now. We have a few more small things to accomplish but for the most part we are set. We can't wait for Cole to arrive and for all of you to meet him!!!!

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