Friday, August 19, 2011

A new adventure!

I have pondered the thought of joining Junior League of Memphis for about a year now. So when sign ups began again in May I decided to join the new provisional class. I went back and forth about joining because I did not want to join something I could not put my full attention in and also I did not want it to be like an adult sorority. Don't get me wrong I loved my sorority in college but I wanted to join for other reason.

I decided to join because I love to volunteer and help the community and thought this would be a great way for me to help in several different ways. I also thought I could maybe meet some great girls along the way. I look forward to learning about the projects Junior League has planned this year and being apart of them.

This Saturday was my first provisional activity. I meet several wonderful girls even became friends with one on facebook already! HA HA! But seriously, I think I am going to love being apart of this group of new ladies and I can see myself being friends with several of them. We all met at Bridges to do team building activities. It was fun and a little scary too. We rock climbed and then did a ropes course in the ceiling. Yes the ceiling! It was very scary and I thought when I got up there I was going to have to chicken out and tell them to get me down but I went through with it. I kept telling myself you can do this, you will not fall, you will be proud of yourself! I was afraid if I did not do it, I would regret it later. I look forward to all the wonderful things JL will introduce me to!
This is a pictures of Bridges rock climbing wall and the ropes course in the ceiling. We only did part of it thank goodness. Not sure my nerves could take any more!

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