Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Back for me!

So I have not blogged in a long time but I have good reason. I started to look at blog as another job or thing I had to get to each day or at least weekly. I started to sign on and just look at everyone else blogs and then I never was in the mood to write my own. Sometimes because after reading the blogs I follow, the time had majorly pasted or because after reading a few blogs I thought, what is so important about my blog that people want to read it. Well I have come to a conclusion about how I will start to treat this blog.

I started this blog as a tool to keep friends and family updated on our precious little boy Cole and the joy he brought to our lives. I did not care about followers or what state or country they came from. I openly wrote about how I felt about life at the moment. Then I started to see who was following me and felt I needed to follow them and then I wanted to start searching for random blogs of interest and that turned into another problem. I started to follow blogs that were extremely heart felt and touching. I love reading blogs about growth in families, adoptions stories and even follow some not always so happy blogs like following Lucy on her battle with cancer. I started wanting to know more about these people. I felt after reading these blogs that sometimes my post were just not good enough for people to read.

At that point, I still read through some of the blogs I followed but I decided to stop blogging. I felt like I did not have a purpose to blog and was constantly trying to find things to blog about. I also did not want this blog to become another to do item around my house. So, I have not blogged in a little over a month and have been satisfied with that until now.

So, all this to say, I am blogging again for ME! I do not want to sound selfish but I want this blog to be about my family and everything we go through together. I want it to be somewhat of a journal for us and if you read it... well thanks and if not hmm... because I wrote it for ME! If I do not blog for a few days so what... If I blog 10 times in one day so what! If I blog about absolutely nothing or something major I am doing it for ME and my family. I know this sounds harsh but I want to be able to look back on this a see all the part of my family, not what I have written down for all the world to know but what is happening at that moment that makes us function, happy and joyful and even at some point down right mad. If my post do affect you in some way.. that is beyond great and awesome but if it is meaningless junk to you... I am truly sorry.

I hope you all understand my absences and understand my reasoning. I hope several things I want to blog about now so my family can look back and say Oh I remember that night our friends had their baby or when Cole told me he loved me or when we had a weekend to do nothing but be a family and play. These are the reasons I started this blog and these are the reason I will continue.

I hope you all understand why I have been absent from the blog world and I hope you all understand my reasons for blogging.


  1. Hello doll.

    It's easy to get wrapped up in blogging, and it can be a major time consumer if you let it. I think the purpose of blogging is exactly what you said - be who you are and use it like an online journal. If others find your posts interesting or inspiring, than great -postive comments are a nice reward, but try not to feel pressured. Blogging is all about you and is supposed to be a fun hobby. If it gets to be too much, you could always make your blog private and only viewable by your family/friends.