Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disappearing act!

No we are not disappearing, I just took some time to be with family and enjoy my life. Nothing spectacular has been going on and so I have not had much to blog about! God has been good to us. Cole started a new temporary sitter a couple of weeks back and we absolutely love her! Jene' or Ne'Ne' as Cole calls her has been perfect for Cole. Mrs. Ann our former sitter fell down the stairs and broke her leg. We says prayers for her every night. When we first found out we needed to find a sitter, we kinda freaked but Jene' came highly recommended and we just felt like she was the perfect fit for Cole and his cousin Blake. Cole has not cried over there one day and just runs into the house like he owns the place. He loves loves loves it! I cannot say enough great things about Jene'!

Secondly, Tyler has been working full time and going to school full time so we do not get out much. He has been going to school for EMT IV and loves it. He has done 2 ride alongs for training and he cannot wait to graduate and start working in the paramedic field. He will be finished in May and then he can start working and take his paramedic classes at the same time.

So not much happening in our world that is exciting to anyone but probably us! I will try to start blogging regularly and I do have some blogs I will post here soon with some content so stay tuned.

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