Saturday, February 5, 2011

Into... well everything

Cole has recently been exploring everything in the house. He has always been good about playing on his own and not touching anything but toys. Oh but the last week or two has been crazy! When I do not hear noise, I know he is into something. When I am cooking dinner, all the pans are coming out. Doing my hair, all the pony tail holders out. Here is glimpse into what he has been doing while I am cleaning the house today!

Cole's new favorite thing to do. Walk around with a pot on his head. He does this about every night now! So funny. He laughs and laughs at himself.


  1. cute:) our bathroom looks like that with the kleenex and toliet paper

  2. HAHA! That is awesome!!! Too funny!
    And, I loved your sweet heart on your post a few posts ago! It is beautiful!

  3. Ugh, my house looks like that too!