Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow day

Last Sunday/ Monday, we received our first snow of 2011. Late Sunday night we ventured over to my sister Rachel's house to help them out with some electrical problem. (Have to brag... my husband is a jack of all trades!) By the time we left we had about an inch of snow on the ground and I was fairly sure I would not be attending work on Monday. At 8:30 my headmaster called it NO SCHOOL! How exciting.

We enjoyed our first snow day with Cole. He loved it as much as us.

We went sledding in my Aunt's driveway, we built a snowman with our cousins and rode on the 4-wheeler with Tyler. We had to come in a unthaw for lunch or I think the kiddos would have stayed out all day!

Tried to get a picture of all 4 cousins. Did not go so well.

Blake only wanted to ride in the sled. He was not up for much of anything else.

Zadie loved eating the snow!

Natalie making snow angels.

We had a wonderful day and it was so much fun watching the kids play. We all had fun building a snow man together and throwing snow balls. Snow makes everything looks so pretty and so much fun! Hope you had a great snow day. What all did you do?


  1. wasn't the snow day awesome!? We had so much fun sledding!

    Send any more good recipes our way! I am always looking for new good ones!

  2. cole looks so cute in his little hat....