Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Hair cut and play day with Honey

My baby sitter was sick on Veteran's day so my sweet mom helped me out with Cole that day since her school was out. Perfect timing! And big Thanks to mom!!!!

Mom had to get her hair cut and Cole needed one as well. So mom took some pictures for me and got Cole's hair cut. After the hair cut they spent the day at the zoo. Cole loves the zoo but is more interested in the sticks than the actual animals. They spent the entire day there. Mom and Cole both had a great time and the weather was perfect!
Cole was not sure at first about the hair cut but soon started to not mind so much.

Cole playing with sticks and the zoo and....

Water drains and ......

even playing upside down with the leaves..... (can you believe mom said he got stuck and just kept playing and digging for a stick).....

He finally noticed a few animals.

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  1. HA!!!! LOVED that upside-down pic! I love that your mom captured that!