Friday, July 30, 2010

Zoo nights

We are members of the zoo (thanks to Honey and PawPaw) so we decided to go test out the members only zoo nights. Rachel and Zadie met us there. IT WAS HOT!!!! Other than that we had a great time. We saw all the animals, enjoyed dinner and watched Zadie play in the Nile River with the other kids.
You can't hardly see anything in the bird house because the humidity was so high. My camera was continued to fog up. It did not matter how many times I wiped it clear, it would fog before I could get another picture. So sorry for the blur! This is Cole playing with the birds in the bird house.

Zadie playing in the Nile River. I think she would have stayed in there all night. She loved the fountains and would climb on them if we let her. She is a water baby! Every time I tried to take her picture, she would start running for the water. I have several pictures of her back.

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