Thursday, July 15, 2010

What have we been up to?

What have we been up to? A LOT!!!!

There is so much going on in our little family and home that I will try not to forget anything.

We have been having some wonderful friends come over and play. Two of my friends from work had babies within the same year as Cole. Molly (on the left) just turned one and Eleanor (on the right) is about 3 weeks younger than Cole. Cole loves to play with other babies and I think it gives mommy a nice break from being a jungle gym! It is always nice to have play dates not only for Cole but for all the mommies to catch up! It is very hard to get a good picture of the 3 of them so this is the best I could do. Sweet babies!

Cole and Zadie have been able to see each other more now that summer is here. Whenever Zadie comes over to play, the two of them end up in the bath together. They are so sweet to each other and we can't wait for them to be able to play together when they are older. We put their towels on their heads and they left them on there all most the entire bath time. They are silly. They sure do love each other!

Now what have I been up to? Well I have always loved the challenge of a good puzzle. This one took me about a year. I started it when Tyler and I lived in the apartments and I put it away because it was so hard it frustrated me but this time I brought it out and I was determined. After many hours late at night and during nap time I completed it. The puzzle is made up of several small pictures. I also have completed another puzzle but no picture of that one. It was easy and I got it from my grandparents attic. It took about a day to complete. Doing the puzzles were fun because I have not worked on puzzles in so long.

What is new with Cole? He is pulling up on everything and loves to pull on cords and tries to climb on the fireplace. Those are both big no-nos in our house! He is a handle full and keeps me busy around the house. He has developed in so many ways this summer. (below) I put his Pjs on his head and just left them there. He thought it was funny and continued to play. He is into everything and just about everything makes him happy too. He is a wild man!

I do not have summer reading from work this year so I decided to read some books on my own. I wanted to read about 5 books but I am only on my second one. At least I am reading right? I am currently reading "Raising sons and loving it". It is more for boys during teen years but I think it is still a pretty good read and I have learn somethings about boys I never knew.
I also have read "Dear John". LOVE this book! I could not put this one down. Such an easy read and wonderful story. After it was all done I rented the movie. Book is 10 times better than the movie. The movie was good but a little disappointing how it was so different from the book. I recommend this to everyone for a good summer read.
Lastly, we have been painting and working on the house. When Tyler and I moved in the doors and trim in the house were all tan and the walls were white. Well we are currently working on painting the doors and trim and then we will be starting on the walls. It was been a huge job but it has to be done. It has been hard with Cole being home. This does not leave us big blocks of uninterrupted time to paint. I hope to be done with it all before school starts back.

As for Tyler, other than painting and watch Cole while I paint, he is doing some reading of his own and working hard at his job. Cole gets so excited when he sees his daddy come home from work. They are always together. Cole follows him around the house where ever he goes. It is to cute and sooooo sweet.

Are you exhausted yet! Makes me exhausted typing it all out. I hope you are all having a great productive summer as well!!!


  1. Fun to get caught up, Holly! I will have to show Austin the new pictures of Cole! I haven't read that book about boys...I will have to get it! thanks! I think next on my list is "Crazy Love." Heard of it?
    Miss seeing you!

  2. cute!! holly, cole is getting so big...when are we getting together??