Monday, July 5, 2010

Jackson visit with the besties!

I have some of the greatest friends ever!! Brooke and I grew up together and have been wonderful friends ever since. She married a great guy Hays and now they have a sweet baby Olivia. One day maybe Olivia and Cole will date! HAHA!

Cole and I decided to go down and visit the Collins family for a few days in Jackson, MS. We had so much fun. We played and went swimming and bought Olivia so fun new toys. At night after the babes went to bed we sat and talked and caught up. It was so much fun! I am going to have to make the trip again. Cole was not the best in the car but I can't blame him. I would not be happy stuck in a care seat and not in my bed to sleep.

Hays and Brooke were some great host and I only would change one thing. I wish we lived closer so we could visit a lot more often. Here are some great shot of the two little ones playing. Hays is great photographer and just snaps away.

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