Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Babies everywhere!!!

This season Cole was not the only new baby around. We had friends and several family members have babies before Christmas. There are still several more on the way. I think we counted about 4 more babies to come before February. How exciting! Here are a few pics of the new crew!

College friend Kari and her baby Emerson. Emerson is exactly one week younger than Cole.

All the new babies on Tyler's side of the family. They are all roughly a month apart from each other give or take a couple of days.
Uncle Jeff and baby Katelyn born November 19th, Tyler and Cole born October 23rd, and Uncle Chris and baby Gavin born December 18th. I hope I have the dates right. I could be a couple of days off. It gets confusing.
Gavin Nicholas Lindsey

Katelyn Nicole Lindsey

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