Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long time no see!

Well I have not blogged in awhile (again) because SUMMER is here and there are way to many things to do to start the summer off right!

What would be a summer without some crawfish! If you live anywhere in the delta you know about the crawfish!

Tyler's parents recently held a crawfish cookout at their house in Cleveland, MS. So much fun. We mainly sat on the porch and watched the "older" folks dance. We loved it. Cole had a great time playing the with dogs and trying to be as big as the older boys there.

Tyler's parent really know how to boogie!

Cole even wore his crawfish shirt for the occasion!

We all had a great weekend. Cole wore himself out and fell asleep on a four-wheeler ride. We had fun with some wonderful friends and made some great memories. There is nothing like a party in the delta!

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