Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hanging with Daddy

I know I should be telling you all about Easter but I need to catch up on a few other post as well! I am still organizing my Easter pictures. We did have a wonderful weekend though and hope you all did too!

When Cole gets home, the first thing he does is head for the yard. We let him play outside until it is dark. Sometimes bring him a plate of food out there for dinner. The boy would sleep out there if I let him. We have started to go for a late night walk before bed. As soon as I get him out of the tub and into his pajamas, he is running for the door to go walking. He sometimes will fall asleep on the walks but mostly he will jabber a little about what he sees and then lay real still. I love that Cole likes to be outside.His new Ohh face! So Cute!

He has started to try and do everything Daddy does in the yard. It is funny to see he pick up sticks or our solar lights and use them as hedge clippers or a lawn mower. He even likes to wash his car with Daddy!

We are so glad the bad weather has finally stopped and we can start getting back outside again!

All clean and ready to ride!

A little boys best friend!


  1. Wow, Cole is getting so big. He is really losing the baby look.

    I love the picture of him washing his car.

  2. Austin loved looking at how big Cole has gotten!! :)