Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Throne before the phone

A lot of you know my little man has been sick the past few days. Croupe, onset of flu... I do not know. The doctor acted kinda stumped too and wanted us to put him on tamiflu but I am sure it is just fever and croupe as always. He is feeling better now.

Anyway... on the way to the doctors office yesterday I was listening to the radio and dancing along with Cole. The talk radio host on KLOVE started talking about when times are tough how often we turn to our phones and call people. Whether it be our parents, best friends or spouses. Instead of taking to the phone we should be first taking it to the Throne. So true I thought to myself. Why is it so easy for us to turn to the phone or other forms of satisfaction when in need of comfort or suggestion. We should make it a point to go to God with everything before we run off to the phone. What a simple thing to do. I love the little motto to Throne before the Phone.

I think it is now time for us to seek Him first before we ask advice or look for comfort else where. And why not when something great is happening as well. God should always be the first person we talk to about our lives. I think it is important to share with people in your family or your friends and maybe even an occasional stranger but are you including God in there as well.

I challenge you to go to the Throne before you pick up the phone!!!

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  1. Amen, sister! Thank you for that reminder!!!!!