Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shutterfly 50 free cards!!!

Shutterfly is currently running a promotion for bloggers. Everyone needs to jump on board. If you blog about shutterfly then you can receive 50 free holiday cards. I have used Shutterfly in the past to print photos of Cole as a newborn. The pictures turned out great and I was extremely pleased with them. I have also used them to make calendars for Christmas gifts. They are fabulous. They allow you to put in the dates you want and to add as many pictures as you want. I have always made my own Christmas cards in the past but the Shutterfly Holiday collection is absolutely fabulous this year!!!! Can't wait to design my cards and send them out to all my friends and family. I would recommend Shutterfly to anyone who is considering getting photos printed, making calendars, or for holiday cards. Go to this website to get your on free 50 holiday cards.

Here are few of my favorite things on Shutterfly:

Go get your free cards now! Can't wait to make my cards and send them out. Love the holiday seasons!

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  1. How weird! I just clicked over to your blog not knowing who it was (I think it was from a comment on Leslie and Sam's blog). Anyway, I kinda know you. Your mom taught my daughter last year! What are the odds? Your Cole has gotten so big and he is a cutie!