Friday, June 4, 2010

Major updating

Needing some updating on the blog I know!! So life has been flying by. Cole is a little over 7 months now and is growing like a weed and a very fast weed. He ways close to 22lbs now and prob close to 28 inches tall if not taller. He is growing out of his clothes steadily. I think we go through about 3-4 outfits a day. He loves to play and talks nonstop. He is getting louder and louder too. He is already eating us out of the house so I am scared to see what is going to happen when he is a teenager. We have order him a new car seat and are waiting for it to come on in. This infant car seat has to go!

Tyler recently had surgery on his sinuses. They went in through his nose and removed tissue and cist from his sinus cheek cavities. Then they repaired these little tube like things in his. The surgery was suppose to be about an hour and the recover the same but Tyler's blood pressure sky rocketed and he could not go home until it came down. Well we finally went home about 4 hours later. The first night was a little rough but he has been doing great now. He was so happy to finally get to sleep in the bed after a week. He was not able to lift Cole either so that has been hard on everyone in the family. Cole loves playing with his Daddy! He has been off work since last Wednesday and I think he is starting to get a little antsy.

I am finally on summer break. I have been really busy ever since the last day of school. Taking care of Cole and Tyler have been a full time job but I have also been extremely crazy about organizing and cleaning everything. By the look of my house you cannot tell but if you open a cabinet you will see all my hard work. Another thing I have gotten myself into is selling books on Amazon. So easy and man you can make some money. I sold 3 books the second day I did it. I have big plans this summer of things I want to accomplish this summer. That will be another blog post.

So I guess that is all in the last month but more to come!!

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  1. cole is getting so big...i want to see you guys