Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our leading lady! (Cole's girlfriend)

Cole is 3 months old now and his girlfriend arrived in the world yesterday!!! We are so excited that my best friend Brooke and her husband Hays had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. Olivia Sue arrived in the world around 11:45 and weighing 6. 5 lbs. I believe her and Cole will become instant friends and one day maybe fall madly in love. (Don't worry Hays, I will not let him ask her out until she is 30)

Don't you think she is a cutie! Cole is going to love her!

Now that Cole is 3 months old, we are amazed with all he can do. He can roll over, sleep sometimes through the night and talk to us constantly with a few laughs in there. He has really learned to reach for things and play with toys. Sometimes he does not know that he is the one making the noises and making the objects swing around. He is growing so fast and we love him more and more everyday!

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