Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is for you Chris!!!!

So found out this weekend that my great friend Sylvia never knew we had a blog but her husband Chris does. We keep him busy at work with all our updates. So, Chris this one is for you!

Today I was thinking about places I want to vacation to next year. Yes I know that should be the last thing on my mind but what can I say I need a vacation and I love traveling!!

So I thought why not try to visit Sylvia and Chris in Colorado. Maybe Chris can teach me how to ski or snowboard or whatever it is he is into these days! HA! I have never been to Colorado. I heard it is pretty but cold and I also heard Sylvia and Chris have a rather large house with extra bedrooms! They do not live far from the slopes and I think Chris knows a place or two to hangout at night... you know where only adults can partake in a few beverages. I love hills and beautiful views.. I bet they have those too. Well what about riding horses in the mountains can you do that there? Hmm..... so many things I can think about to ask about Colorado...

so Chris you better be planning my trip ... I will not settle for anything but the best!

So here is one of my traveling goals by the end of 2010 is to visit Chris and Sylvia in the wonderful state of Colorado. (It might be next Christmas but it that is next year)

Very good to see you both and I know how much you do not like coming home to visit but we like seeing yall! Merry Christmas to you both!!!

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