Friday, December 18, 2009

Our big Debut!!

Cole and I were Mary and Baby Jesus in the PDS Christmas program at school. I was so nervous he was going to show his "true colors". Cole is usually not happy around 7 at night until he has his bath and bottle and then off to bed he goes so when we were told we would go on at 7, I kinda freaked. The day started off with practice and Cole hated it. Yup he cried then decided he was hungry and needed a nap and then once on stage decided to use the bathroom! And it was not a quite polite using of the restroom no no! The boys heard every sound coming form my little tooter!

So we came home took a good nap and then back to school we went. He was soooo happy. Laughing at everyone and smiling and then it was time for our debut. We made it all the way down the isle sat right in front of the stage! One song down... became a little figgity.... got settled back down and then another song down... only 2 more to go...can we make it. Cole started to sweat and so did I, those lights were hot. Oh no getting mad. Try a different position nope not working.. so try another nope and another nope only getting more mad and loud. So half way through the third song off with Cole in with a baby doll. Oh well he tried his best. He only missed one song.

They said as soon as he was unwrapped and cooled off he was happy again. Well he just is not made for the stage lights! Not in his future career plans. But overall a good night!

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