Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 weeks old and Prilosec!

Our little man is two weeks old already! Time has flown by. In the past two weeks we have learned a lot about parenting... One, it is hard but well worth ever minute! Two, God blesses you with such blessing and you can't help but be so grateful. Third, you can go stir crazy in a house for 2 weeks! HA HA! (We finally got out today and Cole loved it!)

We love this little man more than anything else in this world. We cannot imagine life without him! Picture is very blurry but he is sooooo sweet!

We went to our 2 week check up on Friday and Cole now weighs 7lbs 10oz. The doc says he should be weighing more but we have been having trouble with reflux so that could be the cause.
I usually do not research things on the internet because I think it can make you crazy sometimes but I knew something was making Cole hurt. Well he has silent reflux. Our poor baby has been hurting after every feeding. (which is the reason for the screaming cries that he could not control). So now Cole is on Prilosec and I have to say that he is already feeling much better and acting more like a normal newborn. I am sooooo happy he is not hurting like he was. He des not do the screaming cry and he is sleeping much better. He also is happy when awake. What a joy! I love our doctor for listening and helping! Iam not saying we are out of the woods (don't want to jenks ourselves) but so far we are on the up and up!

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