Friday, October 16, 2009

Discouraged....Maybe a little?

This week at the doctor Tyler and I learned we might have to wait a little longer to meet Cole than we would like. Cole is not wanting to come into this world it seems. He is just hanging out in the belly enjoying himself. I have a week left and there is no progress on labor. I will return to the doctor on Thursday. At that time we will set an induction date. Since Cole is due on the 27th a Tuesday and my doctor induces on Monday we are hoping for the induction date of Oct. 26th. Doc said he would only if I have made progress on Thursday. If not I will have to wait an entire week until Nov. 2nd. That is forever away it seems

I guess I do not mind having him later than his due date but I do not really want Cole to come on Halloween. Tyler reminded me to be patient and just wait. So I am trying.

I know God knows when this baby will be here and has already planned the moment Cole will arrive. SO the waiting game is on!

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